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Fixic Freestyle Adhesive Patch 25 PCS – Transparent Patches Without Glue in The Center - Enlite - Guardian

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You don’t want to wear bright-colored patches on your body and would rather choose a less noticeable option? No problem! We offer a transparent libre adhesive patch that is the same efficient as cotton patches and will keep sensors firmly attached for over a week! No more damaged sensors! Our patches have been tested successfully to stay on the skin for up to 14 showers.

An easy installation process that takes less than a minute: just remove the backing that is precut for easier removal and then stick it on the needed area.

Be sure that our adhesive patches for libre are FDA certified and do not cause any allergy. Safety is our top priority so we use only hypoallergenic and latex-free breathable materials that won't let even the most sensitive skin get irritated. Waterproof and stretchable material will definitely impress you!


Color: Transparent

Dimensions: 3 1/2"

Quantity: 25

Materials: waterproof, latex-free, hypoallergenic. Stretchable & breathable TPU film material 

No glue in the center of the patch




Additional description

Fixic Freestyle Transparent Patches

Adhesive Patch 25 PCS Without Glue in Center

Waterproof patches for Freestyle Libre

freestyle libre sensor cover

Fixic Adhesive Patches 25 PCS