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3 common myths about diabetes


The Internet provides myriads of sources like healthcare articles, blog posts, and different professional reviews that cover the subject of diabetes. If you type “facts about diabetes” into Google, you will inevitably come across thousands of facts, which are, unfortunately, not always true. Myths are spread very rapidly, and the lack of reliable information often becomes decisive and leads to a great deal of confusion around the disease. So let’s shed light on some of the major diabetes myths that have riddled the Web for years, if not decades. common myths about diabetes!


  1. People with diabetes should have a sugar-free diet

One of the most common myths is that people with diabetes can’t eat sugar. This is utterly wrong! The key point is the diet should be balanced and contain all the nutrients (proteins, fats, and, most importantly, right amount of carbs). It is necessary to maintain the optimal blood sugar level to prevent acute conditions - a sharp decrease (hypoglycemia) or increase of blood sugar (hyperglycemia). So, sweets and desserts in moderation can be eaten as  part of a healthy meal plan!


  1. Diabetes can be cured

Diabetes is a chronic disease, which means it cannot be cured. There is a whole bunch of misconceptions that some medications and products (like bitter melon, cinnamon and turmeric) can magically cure diabetes, but there is absolutely no food, plant or pill that can pull that off. But here are some very good news as well: diabetes can be perfectly managed with the help of medication, the right diet and a healthy lifestyle.


  1. Diabetes puts an end to an active lifestyle.

Another widespread fake fact is that people with diabetes should avoid physical activities. Forget about that! Recent studies indicate that regular sports activity helps regulate blood sugar and that a healthy exercise routine is beneficial for diabetics. However, the frequency, duration and type of workout should be individually discussed with your doctor, especially if you previously have been leading a sedentary lifestyle. 


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