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How to use

Preparing the Skin

The skin should be dry before applying the patch. Better to wipe the entire area with rubbing alcohol or pre-taping product like RockSauce. Apply the patch at least one hour before workout, swimming, or showering. Small amounts of body hair will not interfere with the effectiveness of the patch. Areas with long amounts of hair should be clipped close to the skin.

Applying the Patch

STEP1 Peel off one part of paper tab on the back of the patch.

how to use adhesive patches for sensors

STEP2 Apply the exposed part of the patch directly over the device then peel off the rest of the backing paper. The patch is flexible, so you can adjust it to make it fit around your device. To avoid skin irritation, the ends of the patch should be applied without stretching them.

stick freestyle libre patches

The patch can only be applied once – avoid touching the adhesive side.

STEP3 After applying, rub the patch briskly from the center to the ends to activate the adhesive. Do not rub from ends toward the center, or you may cause the ends to peel away from the skin.

rub dexcom adhesive patch

Wait one hour before physical activity or showering for best results.

Wearing the Patch

To dry the patch that has become wet, pat gently with a towel. Do not use a hair dryer – the adhesive is heat-activated, and it may become difficult to remove. Any ends that begin to peel can be trimmed with scissors.

Dealing with Skin Irritation

Fixic is made from premium materials - cotton with a hypoallergenic acrylic adhesive (no latex or medications). Individuals with sensitive skin, however, may still experience a skin irritation, rash, etc. In addition, the following products have been reported to minimize skin irritation when applied and allowed to dry prior to patch application: Benadryl® Itch Stopping Gel, Maalox®, or Tens Clean Coat Skin Wipes.

Removing the Patch

To minimize discomfort, press the skin at the end of the taped area while gently peeling patch back. Use baby oil or Perform-Lift Adhesive Remover for 5-10 minutes before removing for better effect.