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6 reasons why Fixic

dexcom adhesive patch

Are you a swimmer, runner, dancer, or you just have problems with your Dexcom staying on while exercising? Everyone who uses Dexcom sensor probably asked a question “how to keep sensor on a skin for the full 10-day session?”. Here are some reasons why you should try Fixic adhesive patches for Dexcom sensor:

  • Fixic patches adhere more strongly than cheap patches;
  • It has been tested successfully to stay on the skin up to 10 showers;
  • Fixic adhesive patches have more than 1000 reviews from happy customers;
  • They are completely safe even for the most sensitive skin (we use non-toxic medical adhesive so your skin won’t be irritated;
  • Fixic dexcom patches are made of breathable hypoallergenic and latex-free cotton or TPU film material.
  • Excellent adhesion even when wet.

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