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A little about Omnipod and how to protect it

omnipod adhesive patchesOmnipod is the two-part Insulin Management System that includes Personal Diabetes Manager (PDM) and a tubeless, waterproof insulin pump (Pod) that helps to simplify the management of your insulin-dependent diabetes. It is a very helpful device that makes life of a person with diabetes easier. But here is the thing, omnipod is pretty big so it can be easily damaged, especially if you lead an active lifestyle. To protect your omnipod from any damage we recommend you to use Fixic Omnipod Patches! It is made of hypoallergenic, waterproof material that will keep your Omnipod secure and help it stay firmly on the skin. Our patches are latex-free so it is completely safe even for sensitive skin. Try Fixic patches now and you will forget about any problems with your Omnipod!