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BBQ rules for diabetes

Who doesn’t like barbecue season when the whole family or friends are gathering together and having the best time? Barbecuing is generally the way of cooking food slowly on low indirect heat. But for Americans it’s more like a social event rather than food. To avoid any negative impact on your blood glucose control, you should consider some healthy tips.

1. Barbecues are always focused on overabundance of food and that’s the first point where you should be careful. Controlling the portion is same necessary as choosing what to eat and only following the recommended amounts of different food is the way to prevent the rise of your sugar.

2. Divide your plate (draw imaginary lines) into three sections where the first one is twice bigger than others. This first section should include lettuce/ broccoli/ tomatoes/ peppers and other non starchy veggies. Other two parts you can fill with grains&starchy foods(potatoes, pasta, beans, etc) and protein.

3. Meat management. Of course, barbecue food associates with meat and you need to choose the healthiest options. For example, say no to meat with skin or breading(that’s how you reduce a fat part). Adhere to one portion, about 3-4 ounces equal. Burger with 90% lean ground meat better fits into your nutrition plan than ribs and hot dogs.

4. Snacks also should be limited. If it’s an all day long barbecue, you can stuff your stomach with things like chips, crackers, dips, etc which will lead to excess carbohydrate and fat. Consider taking a vegetable tray with you to substitute unhealthy choices.

5. To avoid spikes of your blood glucose, don’t forget to check the carbohydrate content in foods which you are planning to eat. There are a lot of apps now to help you with that. Also, don’t forget your CGM at home. If you attach a dexcom tape over it, you will feel more confident.

We hope these rules will help you to enjoy barbecues. Remember, that it’s not just about food with high sugar, fat or salt. Join in the backyard fun with other guests, engage in different activities, have some great talks with your friends or family and stay healthy!

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