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Be ready for Christmas dinner: tricks to enjoy your favorite Christmas dishes

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Of course, Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without festive food. Eating Christmas dishes is part of the fun, and there is no need to completely miss it out! If you want to maintain your diet on Christmas holidays you can just simply have healthy versions of your favorite dishes or follow our little tricks that will help you enjoy classic Christmas dishes and still keep a healthy diet.

  • If you want to taste turkey or chicken give your preference to light-colored meat as it contains less fat. Also, don’t eat the skin;
  • If you prepare roast potatoes, try to add minimum oil to make your dish less fat;
  • Fill at least two-fifths of your plate with fresh, boiled, or steamed vegetables. They contain fewer calories and make you feel fuller so there is less room for high-fat foods in your stomach;
  • If you want to have an alcoholic drink, remember to stay hydrated and don’t drink on an empty stomach(we will talk about drinks in our next post);
  • Physical activity can also help you control your blood sugar level during holiday season. Don’t get stuck on the sofa and have a walk with your friends or family, skate at a local ice rink, or dance a little;
  • Remember to check your blood sugar more often during Christmas dinner. And to make sure your CGM is safe, cover it with Fixic adhesive patch.