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Best Diabetes Books for Newly Diagnosed

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Although, there are myriads of blog posts and articles on Internet that cover the subject of diabetes, good diabetes books are still great sources of knowledge. We have listed a few well-known titles that are extremely interesting and helpful, especially if you have been recently diagnosed with diabetes. Diabetes management books, books with exercising tips, diabetes-friendly recipes books, If you are newly diagnosed, these are topics you are probably interested in. So here are a few books we really recommend you to read:

  • Bright Spots & Landmines (by Adam Brown). In this book, the author shares his best tips for exercise, diet, sleep, and mindset. He helps physically and emotionally cope with diabetes.
  • Sugar Surfing (by Stephen W. Ponder and Kevin L. McMahon). The book itself lays out what the author describes as “dynamic diabetes management” and teaches how to manage diabetes in a dynamic way following a course of self-experimentation.
  • Taming the tiger: your first year with diabetes (by William Lee Dubois). This book aims to give newly diagnosed folks “the bare-bones information you need to get started” on the “lifelong journey that will be easier than you can possibly imagine today.”

In our next posts I will share the best books for parents of children with diabetes, but now let me remind you to check your blood sugar with your CGM and protect it with a patch! Save as not to lose!