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Black Freestyle Libre adhesive patch by Fixic is in!

freestyle libre sensor cover

I bet since you started wearing your Freestyle Libre this was your main question: how to make the sensor stay put. Usually, sensors are meant to be attached to your skin for around 14 days. But with any kind of activities, whether it is swimming, exercising, taking a shower, or simply getting dressed, it can be easily damaged and provide many inconveniences.

If you can't help thinking about your sensor every time you exercise, get yourself some Freestyle Libre adhesive patches by Fixic and you will have at least one problem solved! Fixic patches are all about quality and comfort. Safety is our top priority, that is why we use only hypoallergenic and latex-free cotton materials. Our adhesive patches are FDA certified.

THE NEWEST BLACK FREESTYLE LIBRE ADHESIVE PATCH IS OUT NOW! Try it out! Choose the color you like, make a purchase, and bring more activity in your life with FIXIC!