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Celebrities with diabetes: Elvis Presley
dexcom adhesive patchesNo doubt, Elvis Presley is one of the most popular artists of all time. This man lived a great eventful life, he knew what popularity, fans, fun and luxury are. He also knew what diabetes is.
2007 will not only be the year of the Elvis Book flood but also of “secret revelations”. One of those new revelations comes from dLifeTV, the only national weekly lifestyle series devoted to living with diabetes in the US. On their website,, the station claims to have discovered a secret that Elvis tried to hide from his fans: “he had diabetes”. However, no medical evidence is shown to support the ‘revealed secret’.
The fact that Elvis was diabetic was never particularly publicized. Not every person can combine such a busy life with diabetes treatment. An example is not only his career but also his attitude to life. If you ever think that diabetes stops you from achieving your goals, think of Elvis Presley, has diabetes prevented him from becoming great?