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Celebrities with diabetes: HALLE BERRY

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Winner of all the biggest film awards like Golden Globe, Emmy, and Oscar - Halle Berry found out about her diagnosis accidentally. On the set of "Living Dolls" she felt sick, fainted and went into a coma. When the actress woke up in the clinic a few days later, the doctors shocked her with a message that she had diabetes. For Halle, this was a complete surprise, no one in her family suffered from this disease, so she least expected to hear such a medical report.

According to Berry, the disease became for her a stroke of luck. Firstly, she was able to revise her previous life and understand what was important to her and what was not. And, secondly, Halle says, thanks to this disease she can look that good. "Sport is a great way to avoid the complications of diabetes," she says in an interview, "so I have to constantly exercise and, as a result, stay slim."