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Cereals for people with diabetes

freestyle libre patchesShould You Eat Cereal for Breakfast if You Have Diabetes?
Cereal isn't a good choice for everyone with diabetes, but it may be better than eating nothing at all. It can add vitamins, minerals, and fiber to your diet as well as help prevent low blood sugars. When breakfast meal planning, it's important to know some cereals are healthier than others. Many of the most popular cereals have refined grains and sugars at the top of the ingredient lists. Those cereals have few nutrients and lots of empty calories. They can also cause a spike in your blood glucose levels. When choosing a cereal, it's important to choose a cereal that is low in sugar and high in fiber.

Tips to Lower the Carb Content in Cereal:

  • Choose a cereal that is whole grain (the first ingredient should say whole)
  • Choose a cereal that has at least three grams of fiber and no more than six grams of sugar
  • Choose unsweetened almond milk for less carbohydrate than cow's milk
  • Add one serving of high-fiber fruit to increase fiber content, such as blueberries, raspberries, strawberries
  • Choose a hot cereal like oatmeal, quinoa, or another whole grain blend, and add chopped nuts or nut butter for added fiber, protein, and healthy fat.

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If you choose wisely, hot or cold breakfast cereals can provide a quick and nutritious breakfast option. And, of course, remember to check your blood sugar and protect your CGM with an adhesive patch!