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Diabetes & Alcohol

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There is nothing wrong with having a few drinks with friends in the bar or at home on Saturday night. Enjoying an evening in a good company or going to some party should not be an exception for people with diabetes either unless this has been advised on medical grounds. But here is the thing, for diabetics it can be more complicated. So not to make some of the complications of diabetes worse, people with diabetes should be particularly cautious when it comes to drinking alcohol. It is important to remember some basic rules to avoid risks and have a good time!

- Drink in moderation.

- Don’t drink on an empty stomach

- Avoid sugary drinks

- Always test blood sugar before having an alcoholic beverage

- Talk to Your healthcare provider to find out how much alcohol is safe for you to drink.

- Be careful if you take diabetes medications. ( Don’t combine alcohol with diabetes pills)


Cocktails that are most appropriate for people with diabetes:

- Bloody Mary (With tomato juice that has no added sugar);

- Dry Martini

- Sugar-Free Mojito Cocktail

- Dry Red and White Wines

- Lite or Low-Carb Beer (but in limited amounts).


Alcoholic Beverages People With Diabetes Should Avoid:

- Sweet cocktails made with simple syrup

- Fruit juice-based cocktails

- Dark rums with added sugar

- Drinks made with non-diet sodas

- Drinks made with tonic water; diet tonic water is okay in moderation

And the first and most important rule: use your CGM to check your blood sugar more often while partying! And also, remember to cover your sensor with Fixic Freestyle libre or Dexcom adhesive patch!