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Diabetes and mental health: how to cope with negative emotions PART 2
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You are irritated or nervous? Feel blue? Or just stressed? Negative emotions are natural responses of our body to different triggers. Feeling them is absolutely normal. Today we will tell you about ways to help you manage your mood and maintain your mental health.

  • Meeting people will help you remember that you are not alone. Call your friends or talk to your family about your feelings.
  • Ask for help and support. Think about who and how can help you in these difficult times. Perhaps you just need to redistribute tasks at work or ask someone to help you. There are always people who are ready to listen. 
  • Write yourself a cheat sheet in a prominent place: what and how you should definitely do to manage diabetes, even in the saddest moments. Write down the points for yourself so you don't forget.
  • Get professional help. There is an increasing number of diabetes teams throughout the USA who are recognizing the need for psychologists to specifically help patients with diabetes who have mental health concerns. 
  • Exercising regularly has also been shown to improve mood, reduce glucose levels and maintain a healthy weight, which can help alleviate the feeling of diabetes distress.

Anyway, even if you feel bad, be kind to yourself, accept your feelings and don’t let your emotions rule your life. And also use a CGM system like freestyle libre sensor to see how fast your sugar goes up or down and protect it with adhesive patch