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Diabetes and Parties

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Living with diabetes means being particularly cautious about visiting any event. A dinner out, a concert, a loud party, or just a cozy evening with your friends with pizza and a few drinks, you should always control your blood sugar, do not eat or drink too much and be ready if your glucose goes too high or too low. No doubt, it can be challenging. But remember that diabetes should never stop you from having fun! Today I will share some tips on how to manage your diabetes when going out.

A little about food. It can be difficult to see a table laden with carb-rich foods you are not supposed to eat. Choose what dishes you would like to taste, but begin with something lighter like salads or vegetables. You will feel less hungry and thus have smaller portions of fatty holiday favorites.

A little about drinks. If you want to have a drink, have a meal first. Food in your stomach will reduce alcohol effects on your glucose level. Read our post about the most appropriate cocktails for people with diabetes below.

A little about having fun. To make sure your evening will bring you much joy, make your buddy aware of your condition, and don’t forget to pack your emergency kit (read our post about packing it below).

 And last but not least, remember to check your blood sugar level regularly! CGM will help you with it, warning you about your glucose level in case you accidentally forget to check it. And don’t forget to protect your sensor with Fixic adhesive patch to be sure you won’t damage it while partying.