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Diabetes and skin health Part 2

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In a previous post, we talked about the main causes of skin complications in people with diabetes. Luckily, most skin conditions can be prevented or easily treated. Today let’s take a look at the simple ways to take care of your skin if you have diabetes!

  • Use moisturizing and emollient creams and lotions. Try well-proven lotions like Gold Bond Ultimate Hydrating Lotion, Aveeno Diabetics’ Dry Skin Relief Lotion, Neoteric Diabetic Skin Care Advanced Healing Cream that specifically formulated to nourish and moisturize dry skin.
  • Keep a balanced diet and drinking regime. It's no secret that skin problems are signs of internal problems. Food should be rich in vitamins, minerals, healthy fats.
  • Conventional cosmetics, such as ordinary soap, are not suitable: they change the pH of the skin, reducing its resistance to microbes. Therefore, wash your face, hands, and feet with pH-neutral soap. And it is generally better to clean the face with water lotions or cosmetic cleansing milk.

A proper selection of effective and affordable products will help make skincare for diabetics a good habit, improve the quality of life, and avoid the development of serious complications.

Stay healthy, beautiful, and happy! And don’t forget to protect your sensor with Fixic adhesive patch!