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Diabetes and sleep: staying up late?
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When you are getting enough sleep, you may find that you have an easier time controlling your blood sugar. You’ll be more alert during the day, have more energy, less stress, and an overall better mindset for monitoring and managing your diabetes. But many factors can throw your sleep routine out of whack. Work, studying, stress, partying or staying with friends late can interfere with your sleep and, as a result, lead to potential complications with managing your diabetes. If you are in a situation when you have to go to bed later, follow these tips:

  • keep your favorite low treatment near your bed in case you have nocturnal hypoglycemia;
  • If you sleep in late, set the alarm at the usual time you take your treatment, even if it means going back to sleep afterwards;
  • don’t eat a heavy meal right before bedtime, and don’t drink alcohol or caffeine late at night;
  • keep an eye on your BG levels at night with your CGM to prevent lows. And remember to protect your sensor with a patch, as it can be accidentally damaged when you enjoy sleep under your cozy warm blanket.