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Diabetes Diet Don’ts

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When you have diabetes, it’s easier to manage your blood sugar levels if you stick to a set of diet “Do’s” and “Don’ts”. Today let’s talk about things you should avoid: 

  • Avoid white bread, white rice, deep-fried foods and Indian sweets like laddoos, halwas and rasgullas, as they will quickly increase blood sugar.
  • Do not go overboard on the serving size when it comes to fruits. Avoid processed fruits in the form of tinned fruits and fruit juices as they are loaded with sugar.
  • Say no to fried and breaded vegetables that will add extra calories, carbs, and fat to your diet.
  • Avoid eating fatty cuts of meat and processed or frozen meat.
  • Say no to full-fat dairy products. Remember, diabetes increases your risk of heart disease, and the extra fat is just going to contribute to plaque buildup. 
  • Stay away from saturated and partially hydrogenated fats that come from animal products and plant oils.

Diabetes is a serious medical condition and controlling sugar levels with a proper diet is an important part of managing it. Always follow your physician or registered dietitian's dietary recommendations and consult with them if you are unsure about what's good or bad for you. And remember to protect your CGM from damage covering it with Fixic adhesive patch!