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Diabetes Foot Care Guideline

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It is very important to care about your feet if you have diabetes, even small cuts can lead to different complications. You may not notice something in your shoe or a small cut, and, as a result, get an infection. To avoid the risks you should follow these tips:

  • Check your feet for cuts, redness, nail problems every day;
  • Keep your feet clean, wash them daily, but never use hot water;
  • Moisturize your skin to avoid itching and cracking. Don’t use lotion between your toes;
  • Cut nails carefully;
  • Wear clean socks, change them often (use white socks so you can notice blood quickly);
  • Never walk barefoot;
  • In case you notice anything, call your doctor.

To prevent the complications, it is necessary to care about your feet, monitor your diet, and control your blood glucose levels. And if you use any CGM, remember to protect it with Fixic adhesive patch!