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Diabetes-Friendly Devices


It can be tricky to find ways to carry insulin vials, pens, and insulin pumps. But over the last years, there has been a boom in options for making diabetes easier.

  1. Traveling with insulin along for the ride? Here are some options to help keep your diabetes supplies streamlined and your insulin safe: The FRIO Insulin Cooling Case, Medicool Insulin Protector, or MedAngel.
  2. Designers have taken the diabetes supply case to the next level. They create fashionable bags for glucose meters, low blood sugar snacks, and else: Myabetic, Casualty Girl, Wherever EuGo, or Sugar Medical.
  3. Cases and belts to help protect the insulin pump or integrate it more easily into an outfit: Tallygear, 3FF Custom Embroidery, Spibelt, PJ Creations LLC, or T1D3DGear.
  4. Also, FixiC Adhesive Patches, are made of high-quality materials and can stay on the skin for the whole sensor session. Safety is a top priority, and they contain only hypoallergenic and latex-free cotton materials. FixiC has thousands of happy customers all over the US and Europe. Check our Best Sellers!