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Diabetes-friendly recipes: Low-carb Christmas pudding

Get set for Christmas with our healthier version of the traditional Christmas pudding, with fruit and spices. It keeps for up to a week if stored in the fridge. You don’t have to miss out on the best part of a multi-course meal – pudding!

Prep: 15 mins

Cook: 1 hour 15 min

Servings: 8


  • 25g sultanas;
  • 25g currants;
  • 25g raisins;
  • 10g mixed peel;
  • 1 tbsp mixed spice;
  • 1 tbsp ground cinnamon;
  • half tsp ground cloves;
  • 1 tsp ground ginger;
  • 1 spray of oil or half tsp oil;
  • 20g glace cherries, chopped (+ 5 left whole to top)10g whole almonds;
  • 1 small banana;
  • 1 unpeeled apple, grated;
  • 1 small carrot, grated;
  • 50g fine oatmeal;
  • 30g wholemeal flour;
  • half tsp baking powder;
  • grated zest 1 orange;
  • grated zest 1 lemon;
  • 10g sunflower seeds;
  • 10g pumpkin seeds.

Nutrition Facts

Each 66g serving contains (excludes serving suggestion)

  • 119 calories;
  • protein 2.7g;
  • carbohydrates 19.5g;
  • fat 2.9g;
  • sugar 10g
  • fibre 3.1g;
  • saturates 0.40g;
  • salt 0.10g


  1. Preheat the oven to 180°C/gas 4 and boil the kettle.
  2. Put all the dried fruits and spices into a bowl, mix thoroughly and add 50ml boiling water. Cover and leave for 15 minutes.
  3. Brush the oil around a 1 pint pudding basin. Arrange the whole cherries and whole almonds on the bottom.
  4. In a separate bowl, mash the banana and mix in the grated apple, carrot, oatmeal, flour, baking powder, zest and seeds.
  5. Add the fruits, spices and water they were soaking in, mixing everything together well. Spoon into the pudding basin.
  6. Cover with pleated greaseproof paper and foil, and wrap tightly over the basin.
  7. Stand the basin in a deep oven tray with 5cm of water in it (this is called a bain marie). Bake for 1 hour.
  8. Remove from the bain marie and cook for a further 10 minutes. Remove from the oven, but leave covered. Allow cooling a little before serving.

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Bon Appetit!