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Diet basis conditions
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Sensible nutrition includes a sufficient variety of products and their correct combination. There hardly are any irreplaceable products, but a qualitatively composed diet basis. There are five conditions to be followed strictly:

  1. Consuming only high-quality fresh products.
  2. Eliminating non-digestible foods.
  3. Choosing easy food combinations. It is customary to combine all macronutrients in one meal in the modern approach to food. We can eat anything for lunch, but there are should be smart combinations that bring less harm to our digestive tract. This key point is even more significant for dinners. 
  4. Observe the intervals between the main three meals (on average, 3.5-4.5 hours). Eat according to your biological rhythm to give your body time to assimilate food and recover. An early big breakfast is a must. Balanced diversified lunch is the general meal. The top priority foods for dinner are green non-root vegetables and herbs. Sometimes you can add light protein like eggs, seafood, or fish. Strict rhythm is 3 meals, non-intensive sports, and 8-10 thousand steps daily.
  5. Final step is body detox. No matter what and how we eat, our liver, kidneys, and intestinal tract remove metabolic by-products from our bodies daily. Raw vegetables, herbs, and berries in our diet help get rid of ‘debris’, accumulated in our organisms. This is why we should keep their ratio close to 50%.

Cereals and beans digest easier when they are previously soaked. Don’t overuse water to boil cereals and root vegetables. Let’s keep all useful substances inside. Bake, stew, or grill them for perfect taste and maximal benefit.

Sesame, flax, and cedar seeds are our friends. Add them to all salads and vegetable stews.

Order your salads without dressing, when eating out, if you are unaware of their quality. Just ask for Extra Virgin olive oil or lemon juice served separately. Avoid ordering roasted food to minimize the amount of refined oil intake.

Seafood and organic meat are prioritized as there is a sense of ‘nutritional density’ (based on how healthy and functional 1kcal of the product is), which is 10\10 for these groups of foods.

Fish soups on whole carcasses, seafood with shells or sardines in olive oil, and high-quality homemade fish pastes should be the basis of your diet.

Doubting the quality of frozen fish? There are a lot of delivery services that offer fresh seafood delivery for reasonable prices.

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