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Digestion, Enzymes, and Probiotics
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Have you noticed your tummy works not as smoothly with age? This is much more important for people with diabetes than for everyone else. After a burger or that single bottle of beer, your belly is distended, rumbling, and bloating. Family dinners might cause troubles even much worse, like diarrhea. What is happening? Let’s turn to history: ancient people had more simple food than we do today. They picked a herb and put it into the mouth. Or they killed poultry, placed it on a stick to fry, and ate it. No sauces, picklers, or oils. Look at us now: alcohol, caffeine, and junk food are our worst enemies. They are ruining our health.

The mouth, esophagus, stomach, and intestines are the organs of digestion. When chewing the food we give the whole system a signal that something is going to break in and all organs should be ready for it. The stomach starts immediately and the number of gastric juice increases.

Nutritionists believe 99% of troubles are due to the lack of enzymes and probiotics. They are not the same thing. Enzymes are those tiny molecules that help decompose food into smaller specks. Probiotics (also known as good bacteria) are living microorganisms that are spread in our bodies and affect the process of digestion. Enzymes and probiotics are not interchangeable and we need them both. Every time we have stress, take medications or have a night out with alcohol – we develop digestive dysfunction that reflects in the quality of digestion too. Prescribed drugs, junk, and alcohol reduce the level of probiotics that cover our intestines. Together with it, they influence the number of enzymes. We lose most of the useful substances we could soak with food. This leads to consuming more and more food, surcharging our GI tract, and developing chronic diseases. Luckily, probiotics and enzymes can be purchased. They are can normalize digestion in some weeks even if you had problems with it for ages.

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