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Drinks that help you to lower blood pressure

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One of the possible complications of diabetes is high blood pressure. If blood pressure goes unchecked, it can lead to dangerous effects such as heart disease and stroke. That’s why it’s very important to monitor your blood pressure and keep it within a healthy range. Of course, it’s necessary to take some medicaments when it comes to dangerous cases, but when the situation isn’t so critical, then it’s much better to control your blood pressure by taking special diets. And one of the important components of this diet is drinks. 

5 healthy drinks which will help you keep your blood pressure within a healthy range: 

  1. Tomato juice. Drinking one glass of tomato juice per day may promote heart health and provide a normal blood pressure level. But it’s important to drink unsalted tomato juice to get the right effect. 

  2. Beet juice. This vegetable contains a lot of healthy vitamins and minerals which can help lower blood pressure. 

  3. Pomegranate juice. This juice is rich in many nutrients that contribute to a heart-healthy diet and help to keep the blood pressure within the healthy range. 

  4. Berry juice. The researchers concluded that berries have cardiovascular benefits, and drinking cranberry or cherry juice may improve blood pressure. 

  5. Tea. Tea has a lot of good effects on our body, and one of them is lowering blood pressure. However, it’s better to choose green tea, as it has a stronger influence. 

Consult with your doctor!

Also, it’s important to remember that you need to consult with your doctor before taking any diet. Ha can recommend you something due to some particularities of your health condition. 
And of course, it’s very important to monitor not just your blood pressure but the glucose level as that’s all can be dangerous for people with diabetes. And to make that easier, we offer you our Dexcom G6 adhesive patches. Our G6 Dexcom covers will perfectly protect your sensor from damage and will allow you to control your glucose level.