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Fashion is now diabetic.
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Have you ever thought about what an enormous impact fashion has on us? It is so powerful that it actually can control our mood. But for people with diabetes fashion sometimes may be limited due to some difficulties that the disease dictates. Clothing usually doesn't have an appropriate excess to places where an injection is needed. 

So that Natali Balmain designed clothes that everybody would want and be comfortable for diabetics. She even managed to create clothing that won't distract attention from the look by specific zips and holes that look cute for people without health problems. 

What is so special about diabetic clothes?

Type 1 diabetics can more readily access their skin to give themselves insulin injections as needed because of carefully placed zippers, cut-outs, and slits. Her garments also include concealed pockets that make it easier to store and access insulin pumps.

But the best part about Natalie's outfits is that they may appear stunning without drawing undue attention to themselves.

For example, the zips on the pants look like intentional slashes, the peplum on the dress obscures the pump pocket, and the zips on the high-waisted skirt go all the way to the top. 

Summary on the new fashion

So, nowadays, it is easy to look fashionable, wearing excellent and comfortable clothing, and to emphasize the look, you may try our dexcom g6 adhesive patches that are made especially for your comfort and good-looking!