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Foods to avoid when reversing diabetes
Foods to avoid

Research is showing that diabetes really can be reversed.

Diabetes sufferers can control their symptoms, lower their blood sugar, and reverse the course of their disease. Which foods make your diabetes worse? Here are foods to avoid if you want to reverse your diabetes.

  1. Refined carbohydrates

You don’t have to completely give up carbs. The key is to get plenty of fiber, protein, and good fats with your carbs.

The refined carbohydrates include pasta and pastries. They’ve been stripped of their fiber and most of their protein. Fiber is critical to regulating your digestive system. Protein gives your body long-lasting energy. If you're eating only refined carbohydrates, you need to eat more to feel full.

To control the progression of your diabetes, skip high-carb white starches. Instead, try wild rice, quinoa, or millet. Choose hearty vegetables and dark, leafy greens for more regulated blood sugar levels.

  1. Sweet breakfast

Most Americans are consuming more and more sugar in the morning. “Breakfast” foods, from sugar-frosted cereals to sweetened yogurt, are more desserts than breakfast. For diabetics, these foods can be even more harmful.

Many kinds of cereal and packaged breakfast pastries are loaded with white flour, sugar, and trans-fatty acids. Instead of fuelling you, these foods will spike your blood sugar and leave you foggy.

A healthy breakfast with fiber and protein can help you sustain your energy level for the whole day.

One of the best rules for the right breakfast is to avoid anything packaged. Choose eggs, oatmeal with nuts and seeds, or unsweetened, whole-fat Greek yogurt. Skip the coffee drinks with milk, refined sugar, and sweetened syrups. Instead, have green tea or flavour your coffee with coconut milk.

  1. Juices

If you have type 2 diabetes, you should consume fresh fruit only in moderation because of its sugar content. While fresh fruit contains fiber, juice has been stripped of most of the elements of the whole fruit.

Fruit juice contains all of the sugar in fruit, without the fiber. Your glass of juice can have the sugar of 5 servings of the whole fruit. With nothing to slow down absorption, all that sugar hits your bloodstream immediately.

You can infuse water with fresh fruit and herbs for a refreshing drink that’s blood-sugar friendly.

  1. “Healthy” alternatives to sugar

You’ll never curb your sugar cravings with super-sweet chemicals. You’ll always be craving more. Artificial sweeteners can damage your liver, and make people feel hungrier.

Some sugar alternatives, like agave, aren’t better. In fact, it’s mostly just chemically-refined fructose.

When you’re trying to reverse diabetes, only use raw, unfiltered honey or pure stevia as sweeteners. Real maple syrup and coconut sugar can be consumed in small amounts. Just avoid most typical sugar alternatives.

  1. Wheat bread

You probably know by now that white bread is prohibited for anyone with diabetes. Whole wheat bread is not much better for diabetics than white bread. This bread has the same glycemic index. The “whole wheat” bread from supermarkets is often full of sweeteners and preservatives.

Ditch the wheat bread, whether it’s plain white or “whole” wheat. Instead, sprouted grain bread is full of protein and vital nutrients.

Also, the most important thing in a diet and a healthy lifestyle is to stay active. This has a positive effect on your well-being. FixiC adhesive patches always protect your sensor in any situation!