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Fun Diabetes Accessories
Adhesive Patches for Omnipod by FixiC

Diabetes Accessory Bags. You obviously know that Etsy has a lot of home decor and crafts to offer. But you can find there the seller's creativity extends to supply bags, too. Why not change the boring black accessories bag for something more creative?

A lot of options are machine washable. There are various color options: black, green, purple, gray, and more, and texts available. Keep your pens, meters, and logbooks in a fun convenient bag that makes it easy for traveling with your diabetes accessories.

Fun For The Kids. It’s very important for children with diabetes to have a medical ID bracelet. Those come in fun colors and designs as well. American Medical ID website has fun bracelets to choose from. You can make shopping for diabetic supplies fun by involving your kid.

You’re not obligated to purchase these products only for kids. They’re so much fun and suitable for adults too.

Glucose Meter Stickers. Have you ever seen really fun glucose meter stickers? Diabetes patients are constantly staring down at their glucose meters. Why not enjoy the view? 

Manufacturers have an array of designs including flowers, hearts, leopard print, etc. There are more masculine designs as well. You can see the full inventory online.

Other Accessories  For People With Diabetes. Have fun with t-shirts that raise diabetes awareness. There are bumper stickers, snazzy logbooks, key chains, hats, and so much more. Showcase what makes you with a splash of fun and style.

Adhesive Colorful Stickers. Our Adhesive Patches are a lot of fun! There are multicolor options for Freestyle Libre and Dexcom. Your sensor shouldn't be boring :)