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Gift ideas for people with diabetes

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The holiday season is upon us. It begins with Thanksgiving, and it ends with New Years Day. It is a time to get together with friends and family, spend time together and, of course, give presents! As Christmas time is approaching, we want to share a list of original gift suggestions that are perfect for people with diabetes.

  • An offbeat t-shirt. If your friend has a good sense of humor and ok with expressing their diabetes, present a fun and cool t-shirt with some joke or clever statement like: “I’m sorry for what I said when I was hungry,” “proud owner of a useless pancreas” or “I have a syringe and I’m not afraid to use it”;
  • Moisturizing lotions. Dry skin is a pretty common problem for people with diabetes, especially during cold months. Pick up some lotion, and be sure, it will be a nice and useful present;
  • A small handbag or Insulin Cooler Bag. A very useful gift for daily use, which can store all little diabetes necessities. To make it more original and fun, pick up one with some funny statement, like: “All my diabetes sh*t”, “these are my legal drugs”, “Ok, but first insulin”, but be careful! Offer only to friends who are comfortable with their diabetes… and who have a good sense of humor!
  • Yoga sessions. Regularly practicing yoga has been proven to have an impact on stress level, lower blood pressure and overall well-being. An amazing present for someone who has to manage their diabetes and loves exercising. For more fun, you can join your friend and do yoga together!
  • Pins, badges Another original idea is a badge (or patch), to sew or attach directly onto clothing. You can thus customize a jacket, for example, by adding an embroidered badge design of a personified blood glucose meter, looking cool, with sunglasses and a smile, or a “Diabetes Warrior” pin, isn’t that classy?
  • Patches for CGM. All diabetes supplies are pretty expensive today. If you want to be more practical, a pack of adhesive patches will become an amazing gift for a person who uses Freestyle Libre or Dexcom sensors. You can check Fixic adhesive patches here or on our website. DM for more information!