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How diabetic alert dogs save lives

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As well as guide dogs for the blind, there are specially trained diabetic alert dogs that can provide support to those with type 1 diabetes and get help from the closest person around in dangerous situations. Because of a naturally heightened sense of smell, dogs can be trained to recognize smelling ketones our body produces when blood sugar is too high or a smell a person produces during hypoglycemia.
Here is one of a thousand cases when a dog saved a person's life. Again!

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For 7-year-old Luke, who has a complex form of type 1 diabetes, one of the nights could be the last. Luke’s blood sugar began to drop sharply without any visible symptoms. Fortunately, Luke's friend – labrador Jedi came to help and raised the alarm at this dangerous moment. His ability to detect chemical changes in the blood made it possible to timely smell and indicate the critical state of the child.
Feeling something was wrong, Jedi rushed to the sleeping mother and woke her up.

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The blood sugar test got a shocking result – the boy had an awfully low glucose level – only 59 mg/dl. Even if Jedi is not able to cure Luke’s disease, he will always be by his side as a friend and guardian angel!