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How diabetic alert dogs save lives Part 4

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Dog is the best friend of human. They help people with disabilities, save lives, catch criminals. Recently dogs were discovered to be able to detect illnesses. With a perfect sense of smell, dogs can even sniff signs of cancer and changes in blood sugar level. Today I will share one more story about when a diabetes alert dog saved the life of a girl.

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At the age of six, Rebecca Farrar was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. Today, sometimes it is hard to indicate when Rebecca’s blood sugar drops. Often she can’t even realize that her glucose level is going down. It is very dangerous as it can lead to hypoglycemia, coma, or even death. Luckily, her best friend and savior – Labrador Shirley, helps her with that. Every time Rebecca’s blood sugar begins to drop, Shirley feels that and starts licking her hand. If Rebecca doesn’t respond, Shirley alerts someone from her family and brings Rebecca’s emergency treatment kit. When Rebecca’s blood glucose went alarmingly low, thanks to Shirley's early warning, Claire was able to give her daughter some carbohydrate to boost her glucose levels and avoid having to call an ambulance.