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How to handle being diagnosed with diabetes

We continue sharing some tips for people who recently were diagnosed with diabetes. You need to assemble your diabetes care team. Of course, it can be a tricky task and for sure, it will take a lot of your time but it’s an important step. To help you a little with it, we made a list of specialists you have to consider after being diagnosed with diabetes.

1. Primary-care provider.

2. Endocrinologist.

3. Dietitian (RD)

4. Pharmacist

5. Eye care specialist

6. Dentist

These doctors are the basic of your team. You might have to add some more considering your personal factors.

Also, it’s better if you learn more about being a diabetic so you can start getting rid of the shock step by step. And you will be also learning how to manage it.

Once you start managing your diabetes, you’ll deal with a lot of numbers ( blood sugar results). It won’t be easy to get used to it at first, but be sure, you’ll handle it! Just give it some time, talk to specialists and after a while these numbers will become your true helpers to see what’s working and what is not.

And one more tip we’d like to share with you: if there is a little possibility to reduce pressure on you – go for it! For example, you will probably start using sensors to monitor blood sugar level. Sometimes people find it difficult to keep them on skin. But, say, you are using freestyle libre, there are freestyle libre adhesive patches that secure sensors on skin. You may try such things to have at least one issue resolved.

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