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How to make freestyle libre stay put

Obviously all people wearing libre sensors on their skin are familiar with the problem of getting this little though tricky round sensor stay in place. Especially, those people who are active, do lots of swimming, workouts or suffer from excessive sweating. And not just them. Having a 14-day system for glucose checking on skin means 14 days of showering, getting dressed and other daily activities that affect sensor.

Usual tapes to cover this sensor do not ensure a strong grip, you need to use special patches which are made exactly for this purpose and consist of sturdy material and strong adhesive backing.

FIXIC FREESTYLE LIBRE ADHESIVE PATCHES are designed to serve exactly your needs and guarantee no coming loose. Once you attach them over libre sensor, you will see the difference it makes! Choose which one you prefer: solid or pre-cut patch and SECURE YOUR SENSOR RIGHT NOW!

freestyle libre adhesive patches