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Improving physical health with diabetes

Being physically healthy with diabetes. What does it mean and how to manage it? Good news – it’s not as hard as you might think. Like following the right meal plan and being active. Along with other important components, it will help to keep your blood sugar level in your target range. So to evaluate your physical health, ask yourself:

· Are you eating the right amount of calories and macronutrients for you? The amount that fuels an activity level and fitness goals?

· Are you drinking enough water per day? · What about your exercise routine? It should give you energy and build strength instead of taking energy or making feel exhausted.

· Are you sleeping enough? Is it quality sleep?

· How do you feel? Are you energized, how your digestion works, etc.?

· Does your diabetes affect your physical well-being?

If so, how do you manage your diabetes according to your diabetes management goals? Are you spending the energy needed? Of course, those are not exact questions and each person can customize them. But what’s important here is to identify what needs to be improved if we are talking about physical health. Such small points are a great help in making positive changes!

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