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Keep your Dexcom sensor safe

dexcom sensor cover

Wearing your Dexcom sensor for 10 days means 10 days of showering, getting dressed, and other daily activities. Everyone who uses sensor for glucose checking knows how it can be difficult not to damage your sensor and make it stay on your skin for the full 10-day wear. The only way to make your sensor stay in place is to cover it with adhesive tape or patch. But often cheap and low-quality patches don’t provide a strong grip and usually come off within 4 days. As a result, you have to change your sensor more often, which is an expensive and not pleasant deal. Fixic Dexcom adhesive patches are designed to guarantee strong 10-day protection of your sensor. They are made from waterproof, stretchable, and flexible material with strong adhesive and tested to stay on your skin up to 10 showers. Choose quality and comfort – get Fixic Dexcom adhesive patch and you will have problem with your sensor solved!