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adhesive sensor cover

What are the main criteria you usually pay attention to while choosing patches for your sensor? No matter if you wear Freestyle Libre or Dexcom, you definitely want your sensor to live longer. And, obviously, the easiest way to keep your sensor safe is to cover it with a patch! The more quality adhesive patch you choose, the longer your CGM will last. Fixic adhesive patches are made of high-quality materials and can stay on the skin up to 14 showers. Working out, showering or sweating is not a problem anymore with Fixic. Try Fixic adhesive patches, and you will see the difference!
Choose which one you need – Freestyle Libre or Dexcom, solid or pre-cut, with or without glue in the center, Tan, Black, Pink, or Clear and PROTECT YOUR CGM WITH FIXIC ADHESIVE PATCH RIGHT NOW!