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Mental disorders in people with diabetes and how to prevent them.

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In the routine of work, study, some home stuff, it’s normal that we often feel moral exhaustion. We prefer being at home with a computer instead of walking outside, doing some sports or spending our time in nature. And all those things are strongly connected with our mental condition.

And what about people with diabetes? Do they usually have some mental disorders? What kinds of them? And why? 

For people with diabetes, it’s much easier to gain some mental disorders because, in addition to all our daily routines, they have to deal with an awful disease that is draining their body and mind each day. 

The most common mental disorders among people with diabetes are depression, panic disorder, phobias, problems with sleep, and eating disorders. 

The best way to prevent them are:

  • To do things that make you happy.

It can be rewatching your favorite TV shows, going out with your pets or loved ones, going shopping or simply ordering some cute stuff on the internet, or reading a book from your favorite author. Those things will boost some serotonin and make you happier.

  • Don’t just sit at home doing nothing, and don’t exhaust yourself by doing something you don’t like or are not in the right mood to do. You need to listen to your inner voice and sometimes let yourself be not as productive as usual. 
  • You should consider doing some sports because some physical activity is the best way to free your mind and keep yourself in shape. 

It is super essential to exercise at least from time to time as it will have an impact on your mental health. But you don't need to punish yourself with exhausting training. On the contrary, try to relax and enjoy the moment of feeling the first pain in your muscles as it means that you are taking care of your body and your mental state will be better in the near time!

  • Meet with your friends because nothing is as important as smiling and laughing. Or even practice smiling to yourself in the mirror. Your brain will detect those facial expressions as happiness and your mood may change for the better.
  • Watch your diet to have a strong and healthy body.
But, again, don't be mad at yourself if you don't have the motivation to constantly watch your diet. It is okay to feel weak sometimes. 
  • And the most important rule is to never give up, no matter how challenging sometimes it can be.

And, of course, for people with diabetes, it’s considerable to control the condition of their body, not just mental health. So don’t forget to monitor your glucose level! And our freestyle libre patches can help you perfectly protect your CGM sensor from falling off and you from annoying worries!