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Mental health: do you care enough?

We have already talked about physical health and its self-check questions for people with diabetes. Now it's time to make the same top list for mental health that is not less important as it affects our thinking, mood, and behavior. There are a lot of things we can do to support and manage our well-being. So let's focus on the main points that you should ask yourself if you have diabetes: 1. Do you feel any type of diabetes burnout, and how can you prevent or manage it? 2. Are you being kind to yourself and not taking yourself down? Do you understand that a person can’t control everything about his/her diabetes and therefore never can be incomplete “control”? 3. Do you have a positive attitude? Are you doing your best to feel happy and is it your top priority? We believe that just thinking through these questions may be a good start. Just be closer to yourself, find out if there is any unhealthy mental behavior, and work on that. You can always live your best life if you want to!


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