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Morning hyperglycemia: what causes high blood sugar in the morning?

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Many people with diagnosed diabetes are wondering why sugar is higher in the morning than in the evening and what to do if there is high sugar in the morning. The intensity and nature of metabolic processes in the body directly depends not only on the general state of health but also on the time of day. Here are some reasons why people with diabetes can suffer from hyperglycemia in the morning:

  • If the dinner was high in protein and fat;
  • Missed nocturnal hypoglycemia;
  • Insulin deficiency;
  • Not enough insulin till waking up (Due to individual characteristics, insulin does not work 24 (Lantus, Toujeo, Tresiba) or 12 hours (Levemir). As a result, when you wake up, the concentration of the hormone in the blood is no longer enough to keep an even amount.)
  • Dawn phenomenon (the result of hormones releasing in the body in the early morning – predominantly growth hormone, cortisol, epinephrine, and glucagon – which in turn increase insulin resistance.) 

In these cases, your CGM can note you about high blood sugar. Don’t forget to cover it with Fixic adhesive patch to provide protection to your sensor!