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Motivation in diabetes

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Every person with diabetes knows that being motivated is extremely important in diabetes management. Even the most advanced technology, healthy diet, good medications will not control diabetes without the patient’s will and commitment. That is why motivation is one of the crucial parts of everyday life with diabetes. Sometimes we question ourselves “How to find motivation?”, “Where to look for it?”, but sometimes it is really hard to be motivated, especially when we live through tough times.

Here is the list of 5 tips that make me stay motivated with any aspect of my diabetes:

  • Imagine, and keep imagining, how great you’ll feel once you’ve accomplished your goal, whether it be losing weight, getting to the HBA1C level you are aiming for, or exercising more;
  • Remind yourself of successes you have achieved in the past, and how you can transfer this experience to your current goal;
  • Reward yourself;
  • Answer a few important questions; “What should I do to feel better?”, “What is going to happen if I don’t change anything now?”, “What is the smallest thing that I can start with?”;
  • Develop a plan for success, which incorporates rewards.

And remember, there are ups and downs, highs and lows. Sometimes you will make mistakes, but the secret is in learning from them and carrying on regardless. Embrace yourself, you are amazing!