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National Diabetes Statistics Report 2020

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Did you know that CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) collects and analyzes data about status of diabetes in the USA and releases the National Diabetes Statistics Report? Every year CDC report presents “the state of the disease” and provides vital perspectives on the current status of diabetes and can help focus prevention and management efforts going forward. New in 2020, the report features trends in prevalence and incidence estimates over time. Here are fast scientific facts on Diabetes in 2020 (to read more about the National Diabetes Statistics Report and learn more about diabetes check our next post).

  • Total: 34.2 million people have diabetes (10.5% of the US population)
  • Diagnosed: 26.9 million people, including 26.8 million adults
  • Undiagnosed: 7.3 million people (21.4% are undiagnosed)

You can check more information on CDC official website. 

 Talk about diabetes. Raise awareness. Be conscious. Be Fixic.