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OmniPod Insulin Pump Pros and Cons

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The newest wireless insulin pump OmniPod is a continuous insulin delivery system. The OmniPod provides the user with the ability to manage diabetes with greater ease and convenience. You will have a feeling of freedom, because now there are no tubes!

The OmniPod is designed specifically for insulin-dependent diabetics to make it easier to manage diabetes and improve quality of life. So today let’s talk about the advantages and disadvantages of OmniPod Insulin Pump!

 PROS of the OmniPod pump

  • No wires; 
  • Possibility to shot small doses of insulin (from 0.05); 
  • Convenient base configuration; 
  • The possibility of doing exercises and taking bath, shower, sauna, sea, swimming pool, except diving!) without removing the pump;
  • A convenient remote control that can be used instead of a blood glucose meter; 
  • Possibility of further connection of Loop.

CONS OF OmniPod pump:

  • The price of Pods and other supplies;
  • Quite large Pod sizes, which may not be suitable for too thin people or small children;
  • When exercising - the possibility of a breakdown of Pod;
  • Inability to refuel/restart the hearth;
  • Pod creates a “bulge” on the skin;
  • Max reservoir volume 200u; minimum fill amount 85u;
  • Pod stops working after 72 hours.

The Omnipod is a truly smart and self-contained system. Unlike wired pumps, with which you need to be alert at all times due to situations, such as cannula bending or occlusion, the Omnipod does it all for you. The system constantly conducts self-diagnostics and if there is anything wrong with the supply of insulin, it will immediately notify you and deactivate the pod. That means you do not have to puzzle over what to do. Just put a new one.

To protect your Omnipod remember to put Fixic omnipod adhesive patch over it!