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Probiotics and why do we need them
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A microbiome is always with you. All those billions of microorganisms make you who you are. They are always there.

Diabetes is one of the signals to think more about your microbiome. 

How to take a microbiome under control?

Bacteria are too tiny for the human eye and their amount is huge. There is actually no way we can control them at home. Going to the lab on a weekly occasion is too expensive and takes a lot of time. What to do? 

In the era of science and technology, it would be odd not to have a scientific solution for this issue. There are people who put those nice and useful bacteria into capsules and sell them online or offline. Have you ever heard of probiotics?

The word ‘probiotics’ comes from Greek and means ‘for life’. It’s the opposite of ‘antibiotics’. This is why we have severe antibiotic after-effectiveness – it washes away all bacteria from our bodies without separating bad from good ones. And we have to make up for the shortfall as soon as possible to help the organism restore all functions.

Luckily,  biologists know how to freeze-dry good bacteria and deliver them to drug and health food stores. Naturally, these tiny organisms can be found in some dairy products, like yogurt and kefir. But their amount there is limited and we need gallons of intake to bring our digestion to the norm. Probiotics work faster and contain 5-100 billion bacteria in a dose. A pill a day is just seconds to swallow.

What is the dosage?

There is no ultimate formula for the right dosage. The number of bacteria in a capsule might vary from the moment they were produced till the moment they are about to expire. But normally recommended intake is 5-20 billion a day per person. 

Are they only for the inside?

As mentioned above, the microbiome is not solely inside. Our skin needs some probiotics too. To help it stay young and glowing for a long – add a capsule of good bacteria, turmeric powder, and some olive oil to yogurt, spread over your face, and wait for 10-30 mins. Voila! No wrinkles for ages guaranteed. 

Nutritionists also recommend adding probiotics to healthy breakfasts like smoothies and protein cocktails. That makes the intake handier and reduces the feeling of taking meds as it raises every time we see anything that looks like prescribed drugs.

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