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Recently been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes?

We’d like to share some tips how to handle those emotions after you were just hit with a diagnosis like this. Of course, there are so many questions in your head: taking insulin, abilities to travel, play sports, your food plan, how it will affect your social life... There is a total mess in your head because you were not ready and sometimes it’s hard to know where to start.

1. Doesn’t matter what feelings you are experiencing, feel them all! It’s OK and you should not be afraid of the feelings. Fear, confusion, anger, denial or anything else, the only way to get through them is letting yourself to feel them.

2. You may be under too much pressure and sometimes it’s not comfortable to talk about it with friends right away. But you can find support on different online communities, support groups, you might even go to a mental health professional, that’s OK too!

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