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Stars with Diabetes
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Many believe that diabetes is a verdict, after which life can never be the same. To a significant extent, this is true, but there are stars who have managed to debunk this prejudice – despite diabetes, they lead a full life and even assist others facing the same problem.

Tom Hanks. The star of the movie "Forrest Gump," Tom Hanks, has been living with diabetes for quite some time, but he only revealed this to the public a few years ago. Hanks attributes his condition to his professional activities: for roles in films such as "Cast Away" and "Philadelphia," the actor had to rapidly lose weight and then gain it back – it's not surprising that his body couldn't handle it which resulted in illness. "I belong to the generation of lazy Americans," Hanks said in an interview, "who had fun their whole lives and now suffer from illnesses. There's no hiding it – I was an idiot."

Halle Berry. Holder of prestigious film awards like the "Golden Globe," "Emmy," and even "Oscar," Halle Berry discovered her diagnosis by accident. While filming the movie "Gothika," she felt unwell – she lost consciousness and fell into a coma. When the actress woke up in the clinic a few days later, doctors shocked her with the news that she had diabetes. For Halle, this was a complete surprise – no one in her family had suffered from this ailment, so she least expected to hear such a medical verdict.

According to Berry, the disease became a... gift of fate for her. Firstly, it allowed her to reassess her past life and understand what was important to her and what was not. And secondly, it's thanks to her condition that Halle owes her youthful appearance. "Exercise is a great way to avoid the complications that diabetes can bring," she says in an interview, "so I have to constantly train and, as a result, stay slim."

Sharon Stone. The star of "Basic Instinct," Sharon Stone, has been dealing with type 1 diabetes for years. To prevent the disease from causing irreversible damage to her health, the actress gave up unhealthy habits – she doesn't drink or smoke – and follows a diet, limiting her intake to nutritious foods, even in minimal amounts. Additionally, to manage her diabetes, the actress engages in sports. After two strokes (Stone had a brain aneurysm) and due to asthma, which she also suffers from, she opts for gentle exercises like Pilates and stretching.

Jean Reno. Jean Reno, who audiences remember and love as "Leon the Professional," has been living with diabetes for many years. In interviews, the actor admits that the most challenging aspect for him is dealing with excess weight, which is often associated with diabetes. "I love to eat well," Reno confesses in an interview. "When I'm going on shoots, I first find out if there are good restaurants nearby." Nevertheless, he looks great, and as it turns out, he has his own recipe for staying in good physical shape. "I exercise," he says, "I follow moderation in everything, and I try not to take any silly medications – their side effects can be much more than their benefits."

Salma Hayek. The fact that pregnant women can develop a special type of diabetes – gestational diabetes – came as a shock to Salma Hayek; she never expected to receive such a diagnosis. At first, according to her own words, the actress lost her composure, but then she remembered that it was about her child's health and started to act: she underwent several examinations, listened to all the doctor's recommendations, and followed them carefully – she went on a diet, maintained a schedule, and started doing sports.

"Diabetes made me strong," Salma confesses in an interview. "Now I know that when you get sick, you have to pull yourself together and challenge both the illness and yourself." By the way, despite her ailment, the actress gave birth to a healthy daughter named Valentina and now believes that everything she had to go through was a price for this happiness.

Alec Baldwin. In 2012, when Alec Baldwin suddenly lost fifteen kilograms, journalists, trying to understand the reasons behind it, made various assumptions, with the scariest being cancer. Fortunately, things weren't so serious, although the disease did exist. Learning that he had type 2 diabetes, the actor had to give up sugar and adhere to a strict diet, which led to weight loss. Regarding physical activity, Baldwin also started practicing Pilates and yoga, with the help of his wife, Hilaria Thomas, who is both a yoga instructor and his spouse.

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