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The Best Diabetes Apps and Trackers
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Glucose level, insulin doses, nutrition, calories and carbs, weight, and exercise plan can be difficult to think about at once. That’s why we recommend you to use phone apps that can simplify tracking, give nutrition and exercise tips, and make your life easier. There are numerous diabetes apps, but we found the top ones to share with you:

  • Fooducate. Helps to manage your nutrition and activities;
  • mySugr. Diabetes Tracker Log. Diabetes manager that features reminders, insulin calculator, etc.;
  • Glucose Buddy. connects to your Dexcom glucometer, reminds you to test your blood sugar, tracks steps, exercise, and meals.
  • Diabetes:M. A diabetes log app with all the features like test time reminders, a nutritional log and tracking system, integrations with fitness apps, and blood sugar trend mapping. The app also offers an insulin bolus calculator based on the nutritional information you add.
  • MyFitnessPal. Tracks calories and carbs. Helps to manage exercise plan;
  • Beat Diabetes. Beginner-friendly app, good for those, who have been recently diagnosed with diabetes. Includes different tips, from foods to treatment options.

With these apps, it will be way easier to manage your diabetes. Don’t forget to check your blood sugar today. Did you cover your sensor with a patch to protect it?