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The Food Serve
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Most people with diabetes have one fear when they start their diet – what if it won’t work? There is one thing to help anyone – learn to visually evaluate the serving. If you see this is too much for you – you will cut on overeating. 

The serve is the amount of food of some particular group you eat during one meal (meat, fish, or veggies). People are usually recommended to refer to the traditional 250 ml mug.

Porridge, cereals, or pasta: 1 mug is enough. These are buckwheat, oatmeal, millet, rice, quinoa, wheat, and other cereals. 1 mug of any of the foods fits your palm. Try holding an image of a tennis ball in your head to get a clue of what it looks like.

Granola: ¼ mug. Granola is recommended as a topping for fruit puree, as a feeling for cereals, and as porridge. ¼ mug will barely cover the center of your palm. 

Nuts and dried fruit: ¼ mug, 40g or 25-30 pcs. Just like the granola, dried fruit and nuts should cover the central part of a palm and be used as additives to cereals and salads. Occasionally can be used as a separate healthy snack. Avoid candied and dried fruit soaked in sugar or sugar syrup.

Fresh fruit: the average fruit portion should be 3-5 of them are recommended for daily intake (3-5 apples or 2 mugs of berries). Choose preferably various fruits a day.

Leafy greens: 2-3 mugs or 2 handfuls. A minimal serve of fresh salad is 1 mug a day. But this is just the case when nutritionists advise to double or even triple the intake. 2 mugs is what an adult can grab with 2 arms. 

Non-starchy vegetables: about 1 mug a day. Starchy vegetables include potatoes, corn, pumpkin, beets, and other root vegetables. A portion of these vegetables fits in the palm.

Meat, poultry, and fish: 100 g or 1 palm. Сhicken or turkey fillet, fish, veal, and seafood are preferable.

Cheese: 45 g, which is equivalent to your thumb in volume. Despite its high nutrient content, the dose of cheese is not large due to its high calorific value. Cheese can be added to salads and cereals or eaten as a snack.

A serving of milk, yogurt, or kefir is 1 glass. When choosing milk products, check fat status, as it affects calorific value and a choice of the proper serving size. 

All the above-mentioned serving sizes are counted for a medium-built adult that sticks to moderate but chronic exercise.

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