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The price of insulin: An Urgent Call to Action

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Six to seven million Americans depend on insulin to live. It is not only a drug, but it is also the essential lifesaving hormone. The insulin price nearly tripled over the last decade, which makes this lifesaving product less and less affordable. All this leads to disastrous circumstances and becomes an urgent problem that must be solved as soon as possible! Diabetics without insurance spend around $1000 for their month’s supply of insulin, a lot of them are forced to ration their intake because of lack of affordable insulin. And prices continue to rise! Two main reasons for such a high price of insulin: 

  • The manufacturers know that Insulin is a matter of life and death. Diabetics are willing to spend whatever it takes to survive.
  • The insulin market is controlled by virtual monopolists - Sanofi-Aventis, Eli Lilly, and Novo Nordisk. They have been leading the market for decades, with no competition and no regulations to control prices. 

Spread the word and prevent tragic circumstances caused by drug company pricings!
Access to insulin is a human right!