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The Right Way to Lose Weight

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For people with diabetes, it is very important to control their weight. Being overweight makes your body resistant to insulin, making blood sugar management more challenging and brings additional risks. Keeping a healthy weight can help you feel better, have more energy, decrease diabetes symptoms, and control your glucose level more properly.  So let’s talk about the right way to lose weight! Here are some simple tips to remember:

- First and the most important – a balanced diet! If you want to maintain a healthy weight, you should incorporate a healthy diet into your diabetes management plan and schedule your meals. Also, don’t forget to cut calories (Better to discuss your diet plan with a dietitian);

- Get more physical activity! Exercise is the key to successfully losing weight. Discuss your type of workout and plan with your doctor. Make sure your sensor is firmly attached to the skin, cover it with a protective adhesive patch while exercising.

- Set your goals and track your progress. Try to write down all the details, including foods you eat, weight and measurement changes, when you exercised, etc. It will help you notice your progress as well as see when you might have gotten a bit off track. If you are not a fan of journals, get an app.

- Motivate yourself;

- Don’t overdo and be careful;

- Check your blood sugar more often. Changing your dietary habits and number of physical activities can affect your blood sugar level, so you should be aware of every glucose ups & downs.