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Tips for newly diagnosed: solutions to reduce irritation and use your CGMs and pumps effectively

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For some people with diabetes, the use of CGMs and insulin pumps comes with skin irritation, bruises, itching, or even pain. A successful strategy to reduce or eliminate site irritation often depends on many factors. Today we would like to share some tips which can help you deal with the obstacles that get in the way of effective use of an insulin pump or CGM.

  • Choose your best site. You can place your CGM on the stomach, thighs, bottom, or arms. Talk about which place is best for you with your diabetes educator. Choose a different spot when you change your device;
  • Try a different sensor or pump. The factors that create problems in one product may be absent in another product. For this reason, a good first step may be to try products made by a different manufacturer. There are many different types of CGM. Talk to your doctor if you want to try another one;
  • Let your skin breathe under your CGM. Choose breathable patches from Fixic for your sensor to prevent skin irritation, itching, or infection. Our patches are made of hypoallergenic breathable latex-free material to provide the best care for your sensor and skin.