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Tips to prevent high level of blood sugar in the morning

You’ve probably noticed that sometimes blood sugar is increased before you even have breakfast and you’d like to know how to avoid that. We’ll just mention some steps that proved to be successful.
1. After you wake up, take a correct dose of insulin. To determine this dose, check your blood sugar values every 30 and 60 min and record the results for a few days.
2. Increase the basal rate at this time. You probably have some specific morning routine (you wake up, make breakfast, eat, etc.) so increase that basal rate while you’re doing that. It may help to blunt your blood sugar strike or even avoid that happening.
3. Don’t skip breakfast! We have already talked about that but let us remind it.
4. Add some water. When you’re sleeping, your body doesn’t get any fluids for hours. And of course, the sugar in your spread is more concentrated.
I hope these steps will help you to have a great morning and won’t let diabetes interfere with your plans!

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